Physio's Blog 1 - Is your hip mobility impacting your performance and increasing your injury risk?

29th MARCH 2022

Is your hip mobility impacting your performance and increasing your injury risk?

One of the biggest issues in amateur golfers is a lack of hip rotation. Hip rotation is an essential component of your golf swing. It allows the transition of force from the ground, up to your core, upper back and arms.

Reduced hip swing can cause compensations in your swing, such as early extension, as you struggle to pull your lead hip out of the way laterally. It can also cause a slide, due to your lead knee sliding, as your hip isn't able to move out of the way.

As well as compensations in your swing, it can also cause increased load to other parts of your body, which in turn can increase injury risk. As your downswing happens at a high rate of speed, your lead hip needs to be able to absorb this rotational force. If it is unable to do so, this force must be absorbed in other places. Most commonly your lower back, knee’s and ankle’s. There is lots of research showing that amateur golfers with restricted lead hip mobility, are at greater risk of lower back injuries.

Increasing hip rotation comes with many benefits. The main benefit is reducing your risk of injury. However, it also comes with great benefit to your performance. It allows you to have a longer, more controlled and stable back swing. Allowing more speed in the transition to the downswing, in turn increasing club head speed and distance. It also allows a fuller and more complete back swing.

Check out the video linked below and find three exercises you can complete to increase your hip rotation, reduce your injury risk and improve your performance.

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