Your new CRGC Dignitaries for 2023/24 Season

29th MARCH 2022

Captains Hanging

Today saw the official Captain's Hanging, don't worry this is nothing sinister...

This is a traditional annual event which takes down the outgoing dignitaries portrait pictures, which are hung around the club. These are replaced with the incoming dignitaries portrait photos.

These are your new dignitaries for the 2023/24 Season:

Club Captain: Mr Dion Norbury

Club President: Mr Roy Turner

Lady Captain: Mrs Gail Taylor

Junior Captain: Ms Emily Halstead

In each ceremony there were some very kind words for the outgoing dignitaries, having held office and done an exemplary job of helping to steer and be representatives of our wonderful club as well as words of support for the incoming Captains and Presidents.

The Captain's and Presidents are supported by incoming Vice Captain's and President's, this year your representatives are: 

Club Vice Captain: Mr Dave Weldon

Club President Elect: Reverend Eddie Gordon

Lady Vice Captain: Mrs Caroline Williamson

Our best wishes go to all our newly appointed dignitaries and we wish them a wonderful year of ahead and of course some great golf.

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